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In his autobiography, John Densmore, the drummer for the rock

group the Doors, recounts an anecdote concerning an early television

appearance by the group, probably in 1967. Having taped an appear-

ance on a variety show, the Doors wanted to be able to watch

themselves on television. They therefore requested that a set be placed

in their backstage dressing room the night their performance was to be

broadcast. Because their segment had not yet come on when they were

ready to begin their concert, they took the television set onstage with

them, perching it atop an amplifier with the volume turned off. When

the Doors finally appeared on the television, they stopped playing mid-

song, turned up the television volume, and sat on the floor of the stage

watching themselves, their backs to the audience. When their segment

was over, they resumed playing.



Quelle: Philip Auslander, Liveness.



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